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This complaint is to "BBB"".

This complaint is towards:

Spa and Equipment

Update 9/26/2011 @ 12noon.

After countless numerous calls, and after getting hung up from their 'billing' department as well as their customer service department and just hunging up on me and not even transferring me to Andrew, I am 'now' wondering how I can go about filing a report with ""BBB'''''. I need them to do a full investigation. I can't assume this is just happening to me and even if so, this should not happen to anyone at all. One customer is one customer too many. I 'did not' get the product that was posted on their website. I want a 'full' refund. I am just asking for my money back, is that too much to ask for when their website claims to be selling you something and ships you something else? On top of that, the product was not in good condition which 'Meg' has admitted to but continue to lie and lie that it was the same product? All they need to do is play back the recorded conversation where Andrew (the owner) said the product they shipped to me was 'similar''. I did not paid a good amount of my hard working money for a similar product. I was not looking for a surprise in the mail. I was looking to recieve the product I saw on the website. I am now wondering, did i get someone's else return item? Where was the packing slip? Where was the setup instructions?

I was told not to post reviews.!!

my reply was, why can't i?????

i did not exagerrate on my reviews, my reviews are truthful!! so my question to the guy wasm why can't i???

than the guy again 'rudely hungs the phone up on me''. Again, I've been hung up on, too numerous to count.

My goal is to find out if this is truly a legitimate business, because as far as I am concern, I have done alot of purchases in my time, I have never encounter a company like this. I will continue to fight until I get back what is mine. My hard working money. At least point, I am looking for a 100% full refund and nothing less. As I told Meg (manager in customer service), Andrew attitutude and rudeness is the reasonw why I want nothing to do with their product. This is about principle, his got his and I got mine and I am not willing to let someone who operates a business just to take my money and did not give me the product that was posted!!!!!!

Updated 9/26/2011

I had spoke to Andrew Hart a week prior but did not realized he was the owner. Andrew was very rude to say the least. I called back on the 9/26 to send them pictures of what was wrong with the Esthetician Chair I had purchase. I spoke with Meg and I was told she was the manager. Even after seeing the pictures I had sent her, she lie again and again insisting that the parts of the pictures of the chair was exactly the ones I had purchased on the website. She insisted that i had the parts inside out or had put it backwards. The picture clearly shows that its not the same part, so for almost 30minutes, we agrue back and forth and she lie and lie and say she doesnt see anything different. Finally, I tried back about an hour later and gotten a hold of Andrew again and the first thing he said was that the part is ''similar'' to the product that is listed on the website. He went on to say that the conversation was recorded, so I caught Meg in a lie and requested a full refund but they kept insisting on a 25% re-stocking fee!. I told them, I would fight for every penny because they website selling false advertisement. I did not recieve that product that i had purchase. Andrew insisted at that point that he will call the cops on me. I told him that he has my phone number from when I purchase the product and for him to please have the cops call me so I can have this issue resolve. Shortly after, he promptly hung up the phone on me, and I have called back consistently to try and get my money back but each time, I ask for Andrew (supposedly the owner of this shop), they all hung up the phone on me. I have tried calling back many more times since, but it seems like they shut off the phone and kick every call into voicemail. What type of business shutdwowns down their phone system and not pick up customer calls?? Be aware when buying from this website!!!!!!!

Meg had admitted after seeing the photos that the chair was in bad condition but I can't get a full refund and would have to lose 25% re-stocking fee [which would cost me approx. $80 for a $344 chair].

I did not recieved any ''packing slip''.

I did not received any ''setup instructions''

The chair should not have been shipped out of the warehouse to any customers like that, I am not sure at this point if they even have a Q&A department because they no longer take calls at this moment.

Andrew Hard (supposedly the owner) needs a class in customer service.

I do alot of my shopping online, next time, I am going through 'Amazon'.

I believed Amazon does some checking on the business they do business with.

--loi trinh



I purchased an esthetician chair from this place recently for $344 with tax.

I had wanted to purchased it at a different site but this site save me approx. $20 so I went with it. I SO MUCH REGRET IT!!

I dont normally posted reviews but this place is horrible!!

you can't return it without getting a 25% charge. The product I recived is nothing like that product i saw on the website. The product was NOT packaged very well. There were no setup instructions. The were no paper indicating what needed to be shipped and was shipped so you can see if you recieved all the parts or not.

This is a terrible place!! will never shop here again. Working on gettting 100% refund but that might be impossible since they dont want to lose a sale!

However, I will try and fight for my refund since one of the part shipped does not match what I saw on the website. I will have to go through the trouble of taking pictures to send them and so forth. Its just alot of headaches to deal with. I will give it 'zero' stars but it wont let me.


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Hi There I was just wondering if you were ever able to contact them and leave a message, Its not allowing me to contact them (weird)I wanted to ask you questions if you would like to do so please email me

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